Fashion and Styles of Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood is the biggest style icons for lovers of fashion in India. Whatever these stars wear soon hit the streets and everyone around started to follow that trend. Let's see what the stars have to say about fashion and style.
Shahrukh Khan
I Love casual wear much. I am happy to be in a cold shirt or t-shirt with my favorite jeans, and I also like to experiment new things with fashion. Black is my all time favorite color. I never thought about what is suitable or not suitable for me. I leave that up to my designers because they know it very well.â € ??
There is no doubt that SRK is one of the most stylish person in bollywood and has great fashion sense.
Arjun Rampal
If I could, I would be in my pajamas and floaters throughout the day, but it was not possible. I love something cool relaxed and funky.â € ??
There are no comments for Arjun Rampal. God knows why he always appears in formal clothes and designers in the media, which is totally not cool and funky, not close to pajamas. 
Hrithik Roshan
I love fashion. It carries a variety of dress, which makes it an interesting thing. If not about variety, fashion will become very boring to follow. I'm glad trendy and fashionable, and I always stay updated with the latest trends in fashion. Basically, I like all colors, but black, blue, and white are the most favorite. â € œ
Hrithik does have a unique sense of style that exudes great charm and confidence. Taste the sauce is simply unbeatable, which makes him one of the hottest in India. 
I like those kinds of clothes, which made me look hot and stylish. Besides, I have to feel comfortable in their clothes. White and off-white is the color of my least favorite, but my black jacket as well. As they say, Black is Beautiful, so far as I can remember, I've been wearing a lot of black all my life. I'm crazy for Sarees and Indian traditional dresses.â € ??
No doubt Rekha black coat, and if truth be told, the colors will be in accordance with the woman as beautiful as Rekha. Good to know that he loved the traditional Indian dresses and sarees, because she looks super pretty in it, especially when she wears designer clothes anarkali. 
Rani Mukherjee
I like simplicity in fashion. Nothing shiny or glossy, just the basics casual. I love denim, and I was crazy to dress in black and red. I do not like to be covered in a € lot.â ??
Rani Mukherjee, who turned out to be a trendsetter through its ethnic clothing for women in the movie â € ~ Bunty aur Babliâ € ™, like simple. Really, wonders never cease! And cover, of course he did not like it. We know Rani quite expressive with fashion, and usually look for Western dress for girls.

So this is a report of some big bollywood star. They have made their own unique fashion quotients them, which have affected people throughout the nation. Either with their stunning chiffon sarees worn by actress or through elegant clothes and jackets by our hero, sometimes through ethnic garments for women or sometimes with western dress short, movie stars always inspire strange fashion to follow their style and dressing sense. You can find the style of Bollywood's most popular online boutique, which has the largest collection of western dress and Indian dresses for girls.
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Fashion and Styles of Bollywood Celebrities
Fashion and Styles of Bollywood Celebrities
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