{ C&A Spring Collection Launch }


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     We were invited to Bucharest for the C&A Spring Collection Launch. Since it was still exam period we couldn't attend this event, but still decided to post about it because we really liked the photos and the collection! We where there last time and hopefully we will be there next time also! I just adore the red jacket, it would look soooo so good with my haircolor, don't you think? Cannot wait to check it out in stores! 
     BTW, I finished with exams and next week I am on my way to Budapest for a special project for our blog!! We are not going to tell you more, but be prepared, we will show you some wonderful photos! And after that I will go to Szeged to Kinga, so I really hope we can take a lot of photos for you guys in advance! But up until then, don't forget to follow us on Instagram!!

Saci: @saci_cfc
Kinga: @kinga_cfc

See you really soon with an outfit post!

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{ C&A Spring Collection Launch }
{ C&A Spring Collection Launch }
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