CFC x WonderLAB: Office Chic


Beango blazer
Cako skirt and top
Bori Bianka earring
Deichman boots


    When I saw this CAKO skirt I knew I wanted to create an outfit with it, but I thought I will wear it with the similar coat, but it was too much. So I created two different looks. This one is an office look, but a really modern and chic one. I decided to add a bit of color with this wonderful Jurekka bag and a bit of sophistication with this Bori Bianka one side earring. I tried different coats to match this look, but when Bea showed me this blazer designed by her, I just fell in love. It is assymetric and looks amazing in this look! Don't you think?
     If you are in Budapest, just take a few minutes to check out wonderLAB, you can find so many great things from different Hungarian designers. I mean, who doesn't like being dressed in unique clothes? I sometimes get bored of the same H&M, Zara, Bershka clothes that everyone wears. So this is a great way of defining our style and encouraging local designers.
     We still have four different outfits and I still have a set of photos took when it was still snowing. What should I do? I think I will share it with you guys this weekend, between these photos. Or will it still snow in March? Stay tuned for more!

Have an amazing week!

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CFC x WonderLAB: Office Chic
CFC x WonderLAB: Office Chic
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