{ Prom issues }



TJ Maxx dress (similar here)
H&M necklace (similar here)
Zara loafers 
H&M bag
Orsay ring

     I totally forgot to show you this lovely dress that I bought from England and wore to my interview at Erdely TV. So I took some photos of it, but honestly, they didn't turn out to be that great because I was so sick, I forgot my sunglasses aaand I forgot the hair rubber around my wrist.
     Anyway, I remembered that it's prom time! Yeey! Two years ago I was so excited and I counted the days back til I could wear my lovely white maxi dress with golden details. It was one of the most magical days of my entire life, I felt like the whole universe was spinning around me. Is that stupid? Well maybe, but I think this is a phase every girl (correct: every fashion addicted girl) goes under. 
     I think almost everyone wants to feel unique, special and celebrated one day at least, after finishing 12 hard years of studying and just before the exams that determine the path of your life. Yes, it does, even though here in Romania, it's a piece of cake (still don't understand how so many people don't pass it since it is a joke).
     I thought of showing you some outfits, but you know some of us are studying hard and attend university not only brag about it once on Instagram, so we had no time for this. I think most of you have already figured out what you want to wear and if not, head over to Pinterest, I am pretty sure you will find an inspiration.

Here are our prom outfit's, I am pretty sure many of you have already seen them!


Hope you have a magical prom!
Saci & Kinga

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{ Prom issues }
{ Prom issues }
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