{ Easter outfit }

'OHHH! My heels! #$%^& !'

{ Orsay boyfriend jeans,shirt & trench coat; H&M blazer and clutch, Deichmann shoes ,bracelet from Barcelona, necklace from England}

    Hello everyone! Hope you had an amazing Easter!
   Easter for me is a more casual holiday than Christmas. If for Christmas I would wear a fancy dress, for Easter I think jeans and a cute top with blazer is more than enough. I haven't worn these jeans for quite some time now and as I looked throw my jeans pile I immediately wanted to put them one. This peplum blazer I bought from h&m, and the best part was that they were on a sale, for a ridiculously low price, so I had to get it! I spiced the outfit up with the red heels and some red lipstick. The trench coat I bought a really long time ago, it was LOVE at first sight and still is !

Have a great day! 

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{ Easter outfit }
{ Easter outfit }
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