{ Floral spirit }

{ H&M top and jeans, Aldo wedges, Orsay bag and sunnies, Fossil watch, Raus bracelet }

     This is the outfit I chose to wear on Friday, when I went shopping with my sister. These shoes are the most perfect ones I think I own, they are very comfortable and very my style: edgy and colorful! I feel like I have power in these shoes, sound funny right? Well I absolutely need that power because here in Romania (or at least where I live) people stare at you like crazy if you dare to go out of ordinary with your style.
     Last week we were tagged by Corina (check out her blog here) in a so-called Super Sweet Award. Thank you for thinking about us, here are our answers! :) Sorry we didn't translate it in English, basically there are 5 questions about what sweets do we love! I will let the picture speak for themselves!

Have an amazing week!
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{ Floral spirit }
{ Floral spirit }
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