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I am so happy to announce that I am doing another collaboration with Mandee, this time for their Spring Lookbook!  Instead of doing one big post like I did for their Holiday Lookbook, I decided to do separate posts so it's easier to focus on each piece. Today, it's all about the tuxedo pants! 

Tuxedo Pants: C/O Mandee ($24)/ Button Down, Blazer, Bag: H&M/ Shoes: JLO (gifted)
Glasses: GeekGoneChic (shop similar)/ Rings: Juicy Couture (gifted) & C/O Lixurious

I've actually been eyeing tuxedo style pants for awhile now, so I was really happy when I saw them in the Mandee Lookbook.  You've probably seen many different celebrities wearing them and they're definitely right on trend.  Since black and white is also big this season, I wanted to stick to that color combo and give this look a really classic and clean feel. 
This is something that you could definitely wear to work or a meeting if you wanted to.  The cool thing about this look is that even though it's not a suit, it kind of looks like one. There's other ways to style these pants, but I had "office style" on my mind as I was putting the pieces together.  The truth is I have not worked in an office setting in awhile so I never really think about it when it comes to outfits for my blog.  But I know that many of my readers do work in offices so I hope that this gives you a little bit of inspiration.  I decided to complete this outfit with my signature bun and geek chic glasses.  

How do you feel about tuxedo pants?  Are you loving them like I am?!
Have a fabulous day!


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Office Style
Office Style
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