Perfect weekend ~ part 2

{H&M pants, Aggressive top, Orsay coat, Wagoneer shoes, Benvenutti bag, Primark necklace}

     These photos were taken on Saturday, when we attended an event called "Povesti din Gradina", organized by a community, Scena Urbana from Cluj, where I spent my weekend. The whole event took place in the Botanical Park of this city, which made it so much special. We initally went to listen to an acoustic guitar concert, but ended up taking photos and enjoying the not-so-sunny day.
     Initially I planned this outfit with black pumps, but the night before we went to a club where I wore high-heels, so my feet hurt like hell. I had to either  pair this lovely outfit with some blue booties or wear brown flats which I was skeptical about (I don't really like mixing black with brown, besides animal print) but I think it turned out to be just fine.

{ details of my outfit }

{details of the Botanical Park, and the event}

PS: It's so nice to look through these pictures, because it reminds me of how great it was! Now I am sick, I think I got the flu or something and I have to study a lot! :( 

Hope you are feeling wonderful! Have an amazing weekend!
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Perfect weekend ~ part 2
Perfect weekend ~ part 2
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