90s Vibes

Today's post is a little ode to the 90s.  I can't even remember how many times I used to tie a shirt around my waist back in my school days.  Who would have thought that this would become such a popular fashion trend again today.  It's come back around more so over the last couple of years and I've been incorporating it into my outfits every so often.  I've done this a lot with my chambray tops, but whenever I do it with a plaid shirt, I am immediately brought back to the 90s. 

Crop Top: H&M [similar] | Shorts: H&M [similar] | Plaid Shirt: H&M [similar]
Sneakers: Target | Bag: Prima Donna 

This was one of those super casual and last minute outfits that I put together a few days ago.  I wanted to wear these canvas kicks since I haven't taken them out in awhile.  The shorts and top were too simple on their own, so incorporating this plaid shirt was a great way to add in some color and give this look a whole different vibe.  Tying shirts around your waist definitely comes in handy too.  Although when I wore this it was around 95 degrees.  So hot!  I love really chill and laid back outfits like this.  Relaxed is always best! Are you into the whole 90s trend?  

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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90s Vibes
90s Vibes
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