Palm Print Love

If I can't get to the palm trees then I might as well bring them to me!  Palm print has become my new favorite print trend for summer.  Can't get enough of it! 

Romper: H&M [similar style] | Sandals: Schutz [similar style] | Bag: Prima Donna 

I wore this on Friday for the Romeo Santos concert at Barclays.  If you follow me on instagram, then you have already seen this and if you follow my snapchat, then you got a ton of snaps from that night. [oops!] I know that some girls like to get dressed up for concerts, but I prefer the comfort.  I found this romper a few weeks back and for whatever reason I decided to not get it.  I kept thinking about it though and immediately regretted not purchasing it right away.  When it came time to thinking of outfits to wear for the concert, images of this romper popped into my mind.  I went back to H&M and luckily it was still there in my size.  It's so comfy and has pockets! As you can see I have a habit of putting my hands in my pocket.  It's what I like to call the "pocket stance." [haha] Anyway, I ended up pairing this with my favorite gladiator sandals.  I have probably worn these way too many times already this summer, but they seriously work well with so many things.  Statement sandals like these are perfect for pairing with a casual outfit because they help make them stand out much more. Next time I wear this romper though, I will most likely dress it up for a fun night out in the city. :) 

Happy Wednesday! <3 

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Palm Print Love
Palm Print Love
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