{ Vintage Garden + Harko Detty }



     This is our 4th post of this particular day. But it was a pretty eventful one, so we really wanted to share with you every single detail. You've seen our outfits (Saci and Kinga), you've seen the photos from the Thomas Sabo event, now we want to show you this amazing place we accidentally found in Budapest with Harko Detty, the Vintage Garden. Such a cute, romantic and trendy place. We just love it, it's a perfect place to hang out with the girls. We were talking about how if a guy would take us here for the first date, we would just run away, cuz it's way too cheesy for a date. So if you ever visit Budapest, be sure to check this place out!!! :)
     You might be wondering who is Harko Detty? If you've been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you might have seen that we recently met. She is a Hungarian designer, the brains behind some amazing clothes that we just fell in love with! You can find her clothes in two different stores, wonderLAB and Laoni La Store. Plus, you will soon see a special post with both of us wearing some clothes from her last collection that we just love love love. So stay tuned!!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Saci and Kinga
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{ Vintage Garden + Harko Detty }
{ Vintage Garden + Harko Detty }
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