{ CFC x wonderLAB: Warrior Style }


CAKO coat and dress
Rekko necklace
Deichman boots


     I think this is one of those outfits that you either love or hate. And of course, I love it! Because we had this wonderful colleboration, I knew I wanted to chose some outfits that I wouldn't normally wear, plus local designers always create more spicy looks, so I went full on crazy! Do you recognise the material of this coat? Yes, it's from the same designer as the skirt from the first look, CAKO! I wanted to wear them in one look but that was a bit drastic. And let's not talk about the Rekko Design necklace, I had my eye on it ever since I met Reka and saw it on one of her models. Oh my, I looove it! It's like a shield, so that is mainly the reason why I felt like Xena, a warrior princess. Of course we just had to braid my hair for that extra, special effect! 
     That is why I love clothes, you can dress up however you want, regarding your mood. You can change your "personality" for a day. In this look I felt invincible, and I just wanted to kick some ass like I learnt in tae bo classes!! That wouldn't have been awkward at all! So what I want to tell you all is, next time you go shopping for clothes, try on some of those dresses you pin on Pinterest but think it would never look good on you! You don't have to buy it, just try it on! Most of the clothes I buy are the ones I never think would look great on me, but it's not always about the cut, maybe the material fits you, or the color goes well with your eyes. You may never know until you try it on!
     So lastly, I want to thank Bea for having us at wonderLAB, we are so so happy we could finally meet. She is a really amazing designer, you could see some of her clothes on us, plus she was nice enough to invite us to her new collection (SS15) lookbook shooting! It was hands down the best experience of this year! But we will post the werk photos on Friday, so stay tuned guys!!!

Which outfits did you like the most?


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Have an amazing week!

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{ CFC x wonderLAB: Warrior Style }
{ CFC x wonderLAB: Warrior Style }
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