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Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette - Au Naturel

When Kinga moved to Szeged, she took everything with her, including the Naked 2 Palette, obviously, because it is hers. So I had to buy myself something similar, but because I am really a beginner in the make up world, I decided to stick to something more cheaper. I have been reading a lot of great reviews of the Sleek Palette, so I had to buy it! I found a really great romanian site where you can buy it. And let me tell you, I just love it! Of course there are colors I like more, for example the Taupe, which goes perfectly with the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint (006 Rich Russet). It is really pigmented, and you can work with it pretty easily I would say! So I recommend it to everyone, plus it is quite cheap!! :) 


L'oreal Paris Valuminous Miss Manga Black Angel Mascara

Okey, so I still have no idea if I like this mascara or not. I don't like the wand. It's flexible, which is suppose to help you apply it, but for me it's just a mess. I have pretty strong and long lashes, so whenever I use it, I end up with the mascara on my upper eyelid. I could get used to it, but to be honest, I feel it does the same job as most of the mascaras I have tried out. I have always used mascara on my lower lashes, so that's not a change either. What I like, is that it stays on for a long time, and if I go to gym and sweat, it doesn't run down like other mascaras.


Sleek True Color Lipstick - Cherry

I have no idea why I ordered this color. I can rarely wear it, but it's so freaking amazing. And what I love hands down the most about this lipstick is that it has vitamin E and some mineral oils, so it makes it perfect for really dry even cracked lips. In a few minutes it hydrates your lips, not like other lipsticks. I am pretty sure I will order more. I have my eyes on the Mystic color, what do you say?


I really want to take some photos of a make up using these products, but you'll have to wait. Up until then, here are some of my Instagram photos! You can see how this lipstick resisted a whole day of photoshooting, eating and co. Of course it might seem a bit different because of the effect, but it is really similar to this in reality also! I have told you a few times, and I'm gonna tell you once again, I suck at this. But at least I am trying, right? 

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Have a wonderful weekend!
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Sleek + Miss Manga review
Sleek + Miss Manga review
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