{Sister situation}



{ Kinga: Zara jacket, Stradivarius sweater, Zara jeans, Gabor boots, Vintage bag, ring from wonderLAB
Saci: H&M dress and ring, Stradivarius sweater, Zara bag, Bershka boots, Raus necklace }

    Some people still don't know that we are sisters. Oh boy, oh boy. Yes, we look totally different, we have different personalities. Style? That is something to debate on. When I was in Szeged visiting Kinga, I looked around her room which is packed with a lot of great photos and I just noticed that all her fancy photos are with me. Posing for different collabs or  fashionable events/holidays. But otherwise Kinga has a more down-to-earth style, urban-chic, ready to rock the world in her black leather jacket and biker boots. I like to think of myself as a little fashionable sparkle in her life. What about me? Well I am a total mess, I always want to do everything in the most dramatic, fashionable and eccentric way. She drags me back to reality, which sometimes hurts, but is totally necessarry. I think I would be the most conceited, cocky and stuck-up person in the entire world. Drama doesn't just walk into my life, I create it, invite it or associate with it. 
     So why am I talking about this nonsense? Well, you see, we bought the same sweater. And now if you take a better look at the photos you will understand why I was mumbling about our style. Kinga decided to style her white sweater with the iconic black leather jacket, a pair of denim jeans. Whereas I, well... I just had to create the drama, you know? The dress, the sunnies, everything. But I like the "bigger picture", the result. I might look a bit like Kinga's grandma in the last photo, but what the heck.

Cannot wait for Kinga to get back next week and to run the world in Cluj! Kavasi sisters in action, we are going to take down Instagram with all the photos, hehe!

Have a wonderful week!
Saci & Kinga
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{Sister situation}
{Sister situation}
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