I Don't Do Mornings

This was my, "I did not want to get dressed today," outfit.  Sometimes I really just want to throw on the most comfortable pieces and call it a day! 


Outfit Details 

Denim Jacket: Lovers & Friends / Sweatshirt: Charlotte Russe (old)
Leggings: HUE / Sneakers: Target / Backpack: BooHoo (love this one)

I think I recently mentioned that I am having a moment with sneakers.  Actually, I am having a moment with flats in general.  I still love my heels, of course, and will always wear them, but I am trying to incorporate more flats into my wardrobe.  I found these little white canvas kicks at Target and even though they will get dirty quick, I just couldn't resist!  They are super easy to throw on with any casual outfit. 

This sweatshirt is perfect for me because it says, "I don't do mornings."  I am so not a morning person so this matched my mood perfectly the day I wore this.  I love that it's a bit long and oversized making it extra comfy.  I threw on this oversized denim jacket as well to complete the look.  It's different from all my other denim jackets and the rips & tears give it a nice casual edge.  The last thing I added was my little backpack and decided to one strap it this time.  :) 

I am in my first wedding tomorrow!! Eek! Hope you all have a great weekend. 


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I Don't Do Mornings
I Don't Do Mornings
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