Packing For SxSW!

I'm so excited to announce my next travel destination!  If you guessed Texas yesterday, then you were right ya'll! (sorry, couldn't resist)  I am heading to Austin next week for a few days for SxSW with Nine West & Nylon.  This is my first time in Texas, unless you count a 12 hour layover years ago.  This is also my first time going to a music festival.  I have no idea what to expect, but I am really looking forward to this trip and partnering with a brand that I really love.  It looks like it's going to be in the 70s, which will totally feel like summer for me. Can't wait to whip out the open toed shoes and show a little leg without having to worry about putting on tights.  Woohoo!
When it comes to packing, I am a total procrastinator.  I usually don't figure out my outfits until a day or two before.  It's something about the last minute pressure that works for me although it stresses me out in the process. [haha] I am doing my best to prep for this trip though.  When I think of festivals and when I think of Texas there are a few things that come to mind in terms of fashion.  I think about hats, fringe, booties, sandals, distressed denim, and plaid to name a few things.  My outfits will mainly be geared towards daytime activities (comfy sandals), but there will be a few night time events too (hence the heels). Here are a few things that I plan on bringing so far.

Shoes: Nine West Black Heels & Nude Sandals 
Skirt: Forever21
Plaid Shirts: H&M 
Denim Jacket: YMI
Hats: Forever21 & Prima Donna 
Sunglasses: ZeroUV, Charlotte Russe, H&M
Bags: H&M 
Shorts: Choies 
Jewelry: Prima Donna & Max and Chloe

These nude sandals will be my go-to shoe during the day along with some booties too.  Definitely no heels for me while I am outside walking around!  SxSW is a huge music, film and interactive festival, so from what I know it's very laid back in the daytime.  I am waiting for some pieces to come in, hopefully before I leave.  I plan to wear some casual dresses too with my denim jackets and possibly a moto jacket as well.  I will be bringing a few pairs of distressed shorts and jeans with me to wear with these plaid tops.  One is cropped and the other is super long, making styling options more versatile.  Fringe and crossbody bags are going to be another must-have for me too and of course, all of my hats!  You can't go to Texas and not wear a wide brim, right?

For the night time events and/or dinner, these will be the only heels that I am bringing with me.  It's weird to say that, but I want to be as comfortable as possible during this trip.  That skirt above has such beautiful detailing and pairs perfectly with these shoes.  It instantly made me think of Texas.  Really looking forward to wearing it! 

I can't wait to share this trip with you all!  I will be posting a lot on instagram with the tags #SX9W and #natystravelgrams. I will also be recapping the trip on here when I get back.  It all starts next Tuesday.  If you have ever been to SxSW before, please fill me in on anything I should know. :) 
Thanks for checking out this post! <3 

* This post was sponsored by Nine West.  All opinions expressed are my own and this was not edited by any third parties.
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Packing For SxSW!
Packing For SxSW!
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