Kinga recommends: My hair care rutine!


      Hello my dear readers! It's been so long since I made a proper post! I've been busy with life and Uni! But today I'll talk about my hair care, since it has changed a bit in the last three months! My hair never felt better and also I have changed my hairstyle a bit, I went a little short with my bob and I just love it! If you follow my Instagram account you might have noticed it. So I'll talk about some old and new fave hair care stuff. 


     So first, my all-time favorite and newly discovered (in February) shampoos from Kerastase and Toni&Guy! I had a really bad dandruff situation, maybe the change of scenery or the accumulated bad hair care decisions. I had this problem in the past and tried out everything. Nizoral Shampoo worked for a while until it didn't, I even tried out oral medication and it didn't work. So now I decided to invest in my shampoos. Fist I tried Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Purifiant which is a purifying shampoo for dandruff. I saw and felt the benefits from the first application! It was a miracle worker!
     After that I saw that DM had an offer on the Toni&Guy Men Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and conditioner and I was hooked! It's a cheaper version of the Kerastase and without the purifying beads. I also LOOOOVE the smell of it , as for all their products. So now I use the Kerastase once a week and the Toni&Guy twice a week and my scaple never felt better. 


     An oldie but goldie is the Syoss Heat-Protect Styling-Spray which I have used for more then two years now and is the best heat protectant that I have tried out till now. I use it after I wash,towel dry my hair and before using any heat on it.
     The next product that I like to spray on my damp hair is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy. It's a new discovery, I love that it's nourishing and de-frizzing at the same time. And the smell, ohh boy!


     Another oldie but goldie is the Syoss Volume Hairspray, I really like it . It holds the curl and any other hairstyle as well. The Schwarzkopf Gliss Daily Oil Elixer I use it when my hair is really dry and I want to nourish it. It's also very good for the split ends. I use it after towel drying my hair at the end of the hair and blow dry it after.
     Another new product is the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray and it really does what is says! I use it after I towell dryed my hair and if I want beachy waves I use the hair dryer diffuser. It has an amazing smell!


     The only two hair brushes I use are the round brush for giving it volume while blow drying it and the teaser brush .
   Another Toni&Guy product is the Volume Plumping Whip, I massage onto my scalp and use a round brush to intensify the look. It has an amazing smell and I love that it gives the roots of my hair that volume I need!

If you liked these type of posts or if you would like to hear about some more favourites of mine  please leave me a comment!

Have an amazing weekend!
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Kinga recommends: My hair care rutine!
Kinga recommends: My hair care rutine!
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