A Special Easter Message

I hope that all of you had an amazing Easter!  I had a very special morning yesterday with my mom and sister and wanted to open up and share a little bit about it.  I know that writing about my faith is not something I typically do, especially since this is a fashion blog, but I feel it's a great way to let you all in a little more.  I went to a private school growing up, so I would always go to church.  Even as I got older, I tried to go every Sunday with my mom.  After college, I started going less and less and even though I still always prayed to God, I didn't feel a strong connection to the church that I was going to.  After my father passed away, I became very angry and confused about so many things and instead of embracing my faith more, I was slowly steering away from it.  I was not doing this purposely nor did I even realize it was happening, but it did.  Over the last few years I noticed many changes and I felt that I was constantly battling with myself.  I was lacking an inner peace and I knew for the most part it was because of my father's death, but there was still another reason why.  My mom kept telling me that I needed to go back to church and let God back into my life completely.  So finally, towards the end of last year, I made the decision to change things around and I started on this new personal journey.  I found a new church that I feel extremely connected to and have been rebuilding my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  It's a process and things don't change overnight just because you go to church.  However, the more often I go, the stronger connection I feel and it's allowed me to overcome some of those battles of mine.  I have found my inner peace and feel so much more complete than I did a few years ago.  I've cared less about the things that don't really matter and have been able to put more of my energy towards the important things in life.  Because of this, I have been doing my best to open up and show more of who I am.  I know that blogging can sometimes be seen as superficial amongst other things, which is why I don't want that outer layer of it to be all that you see of me. 

Yesterday was extremely special for me because the three of us (my mom, sis and I ) all celebrated Easter Sunday together at church in the morning.  My sister also recently reconnected with her faith and this is something that my mom has been praying about for so long.  I saw how happy it made her to see both my sister and I standing next to her at the service and it's just amazing for me to have them to share this journey with, along with a few of my best friends.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for allowing me to share it with you too.  It's not always easy to open up and discuss personal things, but for me I feel it's a necessary part of my growth. 

Now, switching gears for a moment, I shot my Easter outfit at the same place I did last year.  It's been so long since I came over here to this spot, but I love it so much because it's so beautiful and peaceful. The gazebo is right by the water and it's just a great place to reflect and take a moment to appreciate everything that you have.   I especially love coming here with my mom during the summer time.  As for this outfit, it was very last minute but I really liked the outcome. I decided not to buy anything new and just worked with what I already had.  Love this printed skirt paired with the pink top and statement necklace for an "Easter chic" look.  I hope that this weekend was a great one for you all! <3 

Outfit Details
Skirt: Aqua (old) / Top: Melao / Shoes: BooHoo / Necklace: Prima Donna 

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A Special Easter Message
A Special Easter Message
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