Turn A Dress Into A Skirt

I turned this dress into a skirt for a fun little twist!  While the weather is definitely warming up and I am able to show some leg here and there, I am still not able to go sleeveless just yet.  I really wanted to wear this dress sooner than later though, so I was trying to come up with some creative ways to make it work now.  So I thought, why not make it look like a skirt? 

Outfit Details
Dress worn as skirt: Lovers & Friends / Top: Melao / Jean Jacket: Old Navy 
Shoes: Forever21 / Bag: H&M (old, love this) / Sunglasses: ThreadSence 

This is actually a drop waist dress.  It's super cute and I will definitely wear it by itself at some point.  In order for me to transform this into a skirt, I had to pin it up a little bit in the back.  I'm wearing the same shirt from yesterday's post and just tucked it under at the bottom.  I added on the denim jacket to bring a different element to this look as well as hide the alterations I had to make.  It was really simple though and only took a few minutes to do.  This drop waist dress quickly turned into a mini flare skirt.  In some photos you can see that it's a dress.  I paired this outfit with my white flats again because I wanted it to be more casual and daytime appropriate.  So there you have it, another way to style a dress!  I'm really all about making the most out of my pieces and I am trying my best to get more creative again.  I swear the spring and summer months inspire me the most! 

A quick side story on this outfit:  I wore this over the weekend when it was super sunny and beautiful and I got really pumped to ditch the pants again.  However, I stepped outside into a legit wind tunnel and had a dozen Marilyn Monroe moments with this dress.  The sunshine had me fooled!  I posted a silly video to my snapchat and instagram about it. I had to change, but was able to wear this again yesterday and finally do the shoot. :)

P.S. Thank you to everyone who read yesterday's post and for your amazing feedback.  Love you guys!  Enjoy the day. <3

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Turn A Dress Into A Skirt
Turn A Dress Into A Skirt
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