Little Grey Dress

Happy Monday!
I'm starting this week off with the LGD [little grey dress].

Outfit Details 
Tunic: Ro & De (not online) / Shoes: Zara (old, similar) / Bag: Simply Vera 
Earrings: Bauble Bar / Sunglasses: ThreadSence 

  I have to admit that this style is definitely different than what I typical wear, but that is why I wanted to try it out.  I think sometimes we can get so caught up in wearing the same types of pieces over and over, so every now and then it's good to throw something different in the mix, something a bit unexpected.  This is actually a tunic so it can also be worn as a top.  Since I am so petite, it fit me better as a dress.  My favorite part about it is the sheer black underlay. I love that it creates a little lapel collar and hangs out at the bottom of the dress.  It also shows in the back, but I forgot to get a photo of that. I decided to keep this look monochromatic with just black and grey.  I ended up wearing this yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.

 Oh, and I cut my hair!  If you follow me on instagram then you've already seen it. I have been cutting it gradually since November and finally decided to just chop it.  I really wanted to have short hair for this summer.  It hasn't been this short in a long time, but I love the change and plan to keep it at this length for awhile. The back is shorter and angles towards the front to my collarbone with long layers.  This is how I had my hair back in 2010-2011, but it was even shorter then! 

Have a great start to the new week. <3 

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Little Grey Dress
Little Grey Dress
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