{ Double or nothing }


Stradivarius blazer and "love" necklace
H&M striped top and rings 
A|wear asymmetrical skirt
New Look bracelets
Primark bag & hat
Motivi boots


     Hey everyone! These days all I wear is a pair of jeans, a loose, baggy top, my Nike Air Max and a huge bag to fit in everything. Even if I want to, I just cannot wake up earlier to think about a cute outfit, or do my make up, let alone my hair. So if you'd bump into me, well,you might not even recognize me. But all that is because I have such a hectic schedule, I have classes in different hospitals, so for example on Tuesday, I am from 8 to 8, in 3 different places. I think we have to run about 5 km all together. So yes, it is so freaking exhausting. That is why, on weekends I try to compensate with more sophisticated looks. This is one of them.
     I've seen some bloggers wear stripes together and I just loved the idea. And of course this skirt is like my dream skirt, so I had to wear it! I added a bit of color with my boots that I so rarely wear and the burgundy bag I bought in England. And, the most important part: accessories! 
     Anyway, I would like to tell you so many things, but I have no time. Tomorrow I'm having a test and yes, you guessed it, I barely learned anything. But I am to blaim, I've spent my days in bed with my lovely (addictive) series!

PS:  I totally forgot, do not forget to check out my new video, where I sing an Adele song. Which of course is another cover, but anyway, it's my fave song, so enjoy!

Have a fantastic week!
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{ Double or nothing }
{ Double or nothing }
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