Obsessing much?

Kurtmann (Vero Moda) jeans
Kurtmann (Zara) top
Stradivarius clutch
Zara heels


     Hello my dear followers! I love fashion as you all know, but I really love beauty as well and I am planning on doing regular post. I have some cute ideas, but if you want me/us to do any particular beauty post let us know, we are really looking forward to your ideas.
     So for my outfit, I wore this to a uni event, but with other shoes ( I bought them later in the week). I wanted to look put together but with a casual feel to it. I chose these skinny jeans from Kurtmann, the lovely shirt with the silver embroidering on the neckline and my fave blazer from H&M. I styled it with a black clutch , bracelet and those killer heels from Zara. I first saw them in Budapest at the end of August , I just thought what an amazing pair of booties/heels but didn't try it on or even took them in my hand. Then I also saw them in London and York and I started developing an obsession. It was only this Saturday that I tried them on and couldn't be parted from them. 
     It is really interesting how we women develop an obsession over a simple heels, then buy them and probably only were them twice. I have a couple of heels but never wear them as much as I should. Please God let me wear my heels and give me occasions to do so. Amen!

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In data de 30 octombrie, in Cluj-Napoca, in cadrul expoconferintei de comert electronic TeCOMM, are loc Hotspot Fashion, eveniment unic in tara si dedicat in integime segmentului fashion din e-commerce. Workshopurile si debateurile editiei cu numarul 2 vor atinge subiecte relevante la nivel mondial, alaturi de companiile inovative care au inteles cum sa se diferentieze pe aceasta piata: Estee Lauder, Fashion Days sau Google. Inregistrarile se fac pe site, hotspotfashion.ro .

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See you there! 
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Obsessing much?
Obsessing much?
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