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     I honestly don't understand how people have time to post daily. We can barely keep up with three in one week and there are two of us. Blogging is fun and everything up until you don't have a post to upload. A few months ago we decided we will stick to write 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and today we woke up with nothing to post about and such an ugly weather.
     It is so freaking frustrating. How do others have the time? I think most of the bloggers who can post regularly, or even daily have no jobs or have jobs that take up so little of their time, And I am not talking about full-time blogging. Which reminds me of another thing I don't understand. How can someone pay their bills by posing on their blog? I truly believe fashion and lifestyle blogging is NOT a job. It cannot be. How can someone's life only revolve around posing for a blog? Don't get me wrong, fashion is so important and everything.. If you are a designer, photographer, sure that is something to hold on to and meaningful. Or being a stylist, yes, that might be a great job also, But blogging? Honestly? What is your main goal? To influence others? In this snob world, I am not even sure that is possible. 
     Anyway, you might know we are studying to become doctors. I am in my third year which is so freaking exhausting. I have to run around the city, because I have all my classes in different places, different hospitals. So when I get home, all I want is to snuggle up in bed with my blanket and watch my series (Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Awkward, Bones, New Girl, Revenge, The Mindy Project ... ).

I really hope we will get a better weather this weekend, so we can take some extra photos for you guys!

Have an amazing weekend!

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{ A million questions }
{ A million questions }
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