Edgy Twist

Whenever I get asked to define my personal style, I always say chic with an edgy twist. There are times when I love to be super dressed up and feminine, while other times I prefer a more laid back & edgy look.  So today, it's all about the latter again :)

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (love this one) / Jeans: (old) Forever21(similar)
Top: H&M / Boots: Bucco (here) c/o / Scarf: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Lately, faux leather moto jackets have been just as much of a staple for me as my blazers.  They look great with so many things and they're such a quick and easy way to add a bit of edginess.  Plus, they easily transition into next season.  This one in particular ended up matching perfectly with these boots.  How fab are these by the way?!
I didn't want this to come off too "matchy matchy" so I was trying to find a color that would really pop and compliment the grey.  This plum top worked best and I think that this might be a new favorite combo for me.  I realized that this scarf had both colors in the print, so it was a great way to tie the whole look together.  I definitely keep things simple with my style, but I do enjoy mixing colors, textures and throwing in little elements of surprise!

On Monday, I am going to San Francisco for 2 days to kick off a really fun campaign. I can't wait to share all of the details with you guys soon!  I am definitely looking forward to getting away from the east coast for a bit as it is back down to the 20s again.  This winter is never ending!

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Cheers to the weekend.

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Edgy Twist
Edgy Twist
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