{ Black is my color }

Orsay turtleneck
Persunmall skirt
H&M necklace
Milanoo bag
Orsay coat
Zara heels


     You know, there are times when you have no idea what to wear, what is really your style. You try out everything, even if it doesn't suit you (baby doll dresses, maxi skirts, deep cleavage, belt around your waist). Why? I don't know. But now, I feel like I have finally found myself, and my style. I am not saying it wont change, but now this represents me totally. Black. In large amount. It gives me a confidence that no other color can give me, and I feel somehow in control. Yes, it might sound silly, and my mum and sister may not be so happy about my not so colorful wardrobe, but at least I feel great! We always say that black is my color and brown is Saci's (you will see in her next outfit post) and I am pretty sure you will agree with us.
     Anyway, this weekend we shot some amazing outfits for you guys, so you will see pretty pretty pictures. First of all a huge thanks to Saci's friend, Kincső, who volunteered to snap some outfit photos for us. We knew she is really talented, we've seen a lot of her photos, but we are so impressed with these ones. I mean they are so magical. And on Wednesday we will post another special post with both of us, with a new photographer. It will be something totally different, we are really looking forward to your opinions!

Photo credit: Kozma Kincső

Have a great week!

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{ Black is my color }
{ Black is my color }
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