{ Brown is my color }

H&M skirt and necklace
Daniel Wellington watch
Benvenuti boots
New Yorker top
Takko jacket
Orsay bag


     After talking about what color best suits Kinga, let's talk about me. I am more like a "brown" girl. It might be a bit too much brown in this outfit, but I feel everything just came together in this look. The boots, the new brown faux leather skirt, the Daniel Wellington watch, and of course a biker jacket.  I wanted to post this look yesterday, but I arrived home after 1 o'clock (AM), so I decided to push it till this morning. We were celebrating my birthday with shopping and movie! We watched Interstellar. I had no idea what the movie will be about, I didn't watch any trailers, but I heard everyone talk about it and saw a lot of posting on Facebook and 9gag, so it was a must. It was a bit too much for me. Don't get me wrong, it is such a powerful and amazing movie, but I wasn't prepared for something soooo deep.I think if you want to see it, you should definitely get your shit together!!!
     Oh, BTW my birthday isn't till Tuesday, but because I only get to see my mum on weekends, we celebrated it this weekend. Of course I still have some ideas, like a photoshoot, but that has to wait till next weekend. Practically, it's like I'm celebrating for 10 days :))) Kinga hates everything about my birthday because she always thinks I make a huge deal out of it, That is the reason this year I decided to not celebrate it with friends, only with family. 

PS: Thanks Kincso Kozma for the photos!!! :) 

Have a great weekend!
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{ Brown is my color }
{ Brown is my color }
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