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{ Saci: Orsay dress, Zara (Kurtmann) necklace, Motivi boots & bag
Kinga: H&M top, Orsay vest, Zara boots, pants & bag, Sammydress necklace } 


     If you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you might have noticed last week we attended HotSpot Fashion event in Cluj. We were invited some time ago, and the first thing that popped into our head was: how can such a great event be held on Thursday? Don't people work on Thursday? Well, it seems fashion fanatics don't, hehe. We had to skip University that day, well, at least Kinga. I on the other hand woke up super early to do my make up, went to the Hospital for Morphopathology class, got home, still had some curling to do (I spent two hours doing it at night) and at 11 we were on our way! It was such a hectic and exhausting day, but totally worth it.
       First, let us talk to you about our outfits. Kinga found this peplum top on sale in H&M, so it was a must, and because this event was more business, she decided to wear it with a sleeveless vest, perfect for the weather we had that day. I always wear dresses whenever I go to a fancy event, just because I don't really think pants/trousers suit me that well. So if you see me on streets you probably see me wearing jeans, but at an event, I doubt it. I felt a bit too dressy dressy for such an event, I should have went for a more office look, but honestly, noone dressed up properly for it.
     Now, let's talk about some of the things we learned and about the speakers. First up was Andreea Beltic, who started blogging such a long time ago. She drew us a pretty good comparison between blogging in 2010 and now, and how audiences changed during this time. Now she works at a PR Agency, and she talked about how important for different agencies is quality, not only in photography, but in writing, and personality also. She also pointed out the importance of reaching out to PR agencies as fashion bloggers, because most of the times they don't have time to go through the hundreds and thousands of bloggers across Romania. I honestly still have some questions about this, we have no idea how to reach out, what should we include in the email, the style of our writing, what kind of data should we include and so on. But there is time to learn all this, I guess.
     The second speaker was Mirela Bucovicean. She is such a beautiful woman, honestly that is the first thing that caught my eye. She talked about self-branding, and what kind of reach you get on social media compared to TV. I honestly never thought about this, but she is totally right. You can always keep up with your followers via social media, you can have a relation with them, even though it doesn't give you a huge spread. Whereas on TV, a lot of people will hear about you, but they won't interact with you. 
     After a really short break, the next speakers were Ana Sipciu and Colby Hanks. They talked more about numbers and all of the information were ment for shop owners, rather than simple fashion bloggers. Honestly, this was the point when I pulled out my phone and started Instagramming. Not like what they said wasn't interesting, but not helpful for us at all. I really liked Colby's accent though! 
     Next up was a debate. I really liked this idea, it was more interesting and interacting. The host, Liana Martin asked questions from Alina Ceusan and Andreea Beltic. I already told you about Andreea, I really liked her personality, she also talked about her cooperation with Alina.  Even though Alina is a really well-known (even notorious) blogger, I learned some things from her. I honestly didn't think I could, since she is not at all a person I look up to, I think she has totally different values in life than I have. But I learned that in order to be remarked and be noticed, you have to be different. 
     After this debate we left, because we were really tired. We met up with our mum in Iulius Mall, where we had a great dinner. Salad box is our new obsession, who said salads are boring, never visited a salad house!! And of course we couldn't leave Cluj without going to Starbucks!!!

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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{ HotSpot Fashion }
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