Bye Bye Glasses!


     Hello my dear readers! Although you know I love my glasses, sometimes I just need a break. I've been wearing them since 8th grade, that means almost 9 years now. I started with a -1.25 and slowly worked my way up to -3.00. So yes, that means I have myopia. Everyone loves to use these fancy medical terms, but what does myopia really mean? It is a condition where the image doesn't directly project on the retina but in front of it, so the image that people see when looking at distance with this condition is out off focus, blurry.
     When I started noticing this problem, I couldn't see what was written on the blackboard, I copied everything from my deskmate. I told my mom I have vision problems but she didn't believe me, she thought I was just joking around so I could get a pair of glasses. Back then I liked math and was quite good at it, but when I got a bad grade  just because I copied a wrong number from the blackboard in my equation, I became really angry. My mom had no other choice but to take me to the ophthalmologist. And that's the story of how I started wearing glasses. Not out of fun and fashion as some people do nowadays, but because it was a necessity.
       Next up, I'm going to show you my morning routine when putting up my lenses.


     One of the most important things before handling contact lenses is washing your hands! The soap should not contain moisturizers or allergens, after which you should dry your hands with a freshly washed towel or paper towel. 


     Next step is taking the lenses out from their case and inspecting them, so that it's not inside-out. But if you put them on like this, you will notice it immediately because it will sting/pinch. Also, don't forget to look for tears or foreign objects, because it may lead to corneal abrasions and will increase the likelihood of infections. And you don't want that pain, trust me!


     So next up is the insertion of the lenses. You have one of the contact lenses on your index finger, and with the other hand try to strech out the eyelids (lower and upper) with the ring and middle finger, and put the lens on the cornea. Blink once or twice so that it will finds it's proper place. 


     Now you can apply your make-up, and you are ready to go! Don't forget, in the evening before taking off your make-up, you should first remove your lenses. The removal should be by pinching the lens between the index and thumb finger.
     If you wear contact lenses on a regular basis or work many hours before the computer, you should be using artificial tears, so that your eyes are constantly moisturized and  this way preventing any infections.


     You should always refill your lens case with fresh lens solution. These solution are going to rinse, desinfect, clean and streghten the soft lens. Replacing this solution with water can lead to Acanthamoeba keratitis, which can lead to ulcer and even blindness. If you want to see this type of infection in pictures click here
     I once forgot my lens solution at home and tried to replace it with saline solution, but in less then three days I developed keratitis. So try not to forget it or save on it, because it's not worth it.


     These pair of lenses I got from, which is an online store for glasses and contact lenses. I have been using Air Optix Aqua for 6 years now and I am really pleased with them. You can use them for 30 days . One pack of lenses usually contains 3 or 6 lenses. I use the Renu Bausch + Lomb lens solution and I also use artificial tears just because my eyes get dry after a few hours.


Hope you liked this post and found it useful! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, or just write a comment to this post!

Have a lovely day!
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Bye Bye Glasses!
Bye Bye Glasses!
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