Keeping It Casual In Old Favorites

Outfit Details 

Coat: H&M (old, love this) / Sweater: Charlotte Russe (similar) / Leggings: HUE 
Booties: F21 (old, similar) / Hat: H&M (similar) / Scarf: H&M / Bag: Prima Donna 

I brought out my favorite oversized blazer coat from last year.  I wore this so much and yet it still continues to be a beloved item in my closet.  I especially loved wearing it with the matching skirt.  As the seasons come and go we tend to get a bunch of new clothes, but there will always be those pieces that we love no matter how long we have had them.  That includes these booties and this hat too!  I wouldn't be surprised if you thought to yourself, "She's wearing that again?!" haha 
As I like to say, "Rework what you got!"

For this look, I just wanted to keep it really casual and laid back.  Oversized pieces are perfect for achieving this style goal.  I know that some of my fellow petites shy away from oversized pieces, but I am all for them.  Don't be afraid to try them out.  I wanted to keep the whole outfit neutral with the black & white and instead of my typical red lip, I went with a bold pink.  The scarf and hat helped to complete everything and added a winter touch.  

Enjoy the day! 

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Keeping It Casual In Old Favorites
Keeping It Casual In Old Favorites
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