Punta Cana Photo Diary

I am the happiest when I travel and there is no denying that.  People often tell me that when I travel I glow.  And the more I do it, the more I see it too.  I used to be afraid of flying when I was younger and now I actually prefer to fly alone.  I traveled to DR by myself, my first international trip alone, and I was so proud of myself for being able to do that.  It gives me this sense of freedom that I love.  If I was able to just take an entire year and travel to a new country every month, then I would.  Traveling, exploring, and discovering... that is what I want my life to be about. 

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a beautiful and ginormous all inclusive resort.  If you ever go to Punta Cana, I highly suggest staying there.  I was only there for 3 nights, so I didn't even get to see all of it.  I hope to go back!  This post is a compilation of photos from my entire trip.  I hope you enjoy it!

I wore this to Daniela's rehearsal dinner the first night on Thanksgiving.  I got this dress on the clearance rack at Bloomies.  It's from Parker NY originally $255 and I got it for $74!  It was the very last one and in my size.  Score! 

With the bride to be

With Tati from Furor Moda

Wearing one of my favorite bathing suits from Wet Swimwear.  I will be doing a giveaway on instagram with them this week!

I wore this beautiful Mara Hoffman dress (that I borrowed from a friend) to the wedding.  Loved it so much! 

Wedding on the beach :)

Congrats again Daniela & Gabe!!

Beach twirls!  Twirling in DR is way better than twirling in NJ.  Sidenote: Got this Mink Pink dress at Bloomies on clearance for $18!

Another swimsuit from WET. This is my first time wearing a one-piece in awhile, but I love it! 

So much fun in the lazy river & pool with these guys!  It was my first time meeting them all and I seriously could not have asked for a better group to hang with in DR.  

Blue steel.

The last night. :(


And that's a wrap!  I know this was photo overload but I really wanted to capture of all the moments on this trip. This was one of my favorite trips of all time spent with a great group of people in a place that I seriously considered to be paradise.  Looking forward to my next one in February! 

Have a great day loves! 

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Punta Cana Photo Diary
Punta Cana Photo Diary
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