{ Magical spring }



H&M jacket, boots, bags and rings (similar here & here)
A-wear skirt
GAP T-shirt (similar here)
Accessorize necklace (similar here)
Orsay sunnies 

     I always had the idea to put music in the posts, but because I don't want to be accused of plagiarism I decided to share Youtube videos of my fave songs at the end of some posts. I really believe in music, I think it is the best medicine for our souls, it can heal and it can lift us up when we think we hit bottom. Plus the lyrics can be so powerful, expressing everything we are afraid to say out loud. I discovered this song a few weeks ago and first the rhythm caught me and the summery vibe, then I listened to the lyrics more carefully, and I discovered such a powerful song. 
     Anyway, lets talk about this look. I wore it some time ago, but because I really wanted to show you, I decided to wear it again on Easter day, when me and my sis decided to go to a Botanic Garden. Almost every item it has it's own little story, this is what I usually love about my wardrobe. I can tell a lovely story to all of the things I own. So let's start with the skirt. I bought it when I was graduating from school. You know, where I live, fashion isn't that much of a big deal or at least it wasn't in that time. So you can imagine everyone was wearing similar things, black pencil skirt with plain white shirt and low black heels. Well, I decided to stand out and wear this asymmetric skirt with see-through shirt with beaded collar and black wedges. Ever since I wear this skirt as a sign of my individuality, if I may say so. Of course, everyone who sees me in it has something to say, like "have you put it on OK? Isn't is supposed to be a high-low skirt?" ahm thanks, but no thanks. I know how to wear my own clothes!
     The jacket I bought in Cluj, just before starting my second year at the University, it has a skirt also but it's too short, so I should seriously start working out to show it to you in a set. The top is I think my first normal white tee, you know I had a lot of problems and I still have regarding basic items. I find more easily exquisite items rather than the basic ones. This top was a bargain from GAP, I bought it in Hungary, during my second time there. Plus the necklace is from England, I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it so Kinga started arguing with me because I haven't bought anything up until that moment, so she kind of forced me to buy it and I am so grateful! I wear it ever since, non stop!! I could go on and on about the sunnies, boots and probably the bag also which is my sister's. But I wrote way too much this time, so I'll just leave this song and photos to tell you more about my mood today!

Have an amazing week!
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{ Magical spring }
{ Magical spring }
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