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Coat: H&M (old, love this one) / Boyfriend Chambray: Kut From The Cloth (similar
Jeans: Paige (similar) / Boots: Jennifer Lopez / Scarf: Dynamite (love this one)
Hat: Prima Donna / Bag: olivia + joy (love this)

Well, it's frigging cold.  I'm doing my best to stay bundled and layered up this week with such low temps. I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  This is the time when I really need to be wearing gloves, but I seriously lose every single pair.  I am not sure how this happens.  I am definitely a scatterbrain at times, well most of the times, and I think my gloves always disappear somewhere between my car & whatever destination I am going to.  I usually have them on, then take them off in my car, and then when I get out of my car I fail to realize that they were sitting on my lap and have fallen outside somewhere.  Please someone tell me that I am not the only one this happens to! 

The colder it gets, the less I actually want to get dressed.  So to be honest, I put on what seemed to be a hundred things before this look came together.  I definitely have my days where I really have no idea what the hell to wear.  I am starting to notice a change in my style again.  Some of the things that I used to gravitate towards instantly I am now growing tired of.  I find myself wanting to wear more neutral tones too.  Not sure if that's the winter season talking, but I'll see how I feel once the spring hits. 

 So for this outfit, I wanted to play around with neutrals by giving them a fun twist.  I put on this boyfriend chambray top, which is super long and loose fitted.  I decided to leave it out and untucked for more of a relaxed vibe.  Chambray/denim acts as a neutral so you can really pair that with anything.  I wanted to do black bottoms and ended up wearing these OTK boots again because they really provide extra warmth and helped dress this up a bit.  I then added my plaid blanket scarf and this hat, which actually matches with the print. It was a nice way to break up the solids.  A black peacoat and tan bag finished off the look.

My posts are most likely going to get longer.  I want to do more writing, and not just about what I am wearing, so hopefully you guys will still read them. :o)
Happy Weekend everyone! 

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