Present of the time!


- Bil Keane -


     I can clearly remember my first watch, which I received as a Christmas present when I was 8 or 9. It was a gold one  with red stones inside, I really loved it! I even remember dancing with it around our Christmas tree, that's how much I loved it! It wasn't an expensive one but it was my first one and I felt so happy and grateful for it!
     After that I developed a strange obsession over watches! Even my friends noticed it and bought me one for my sweet 18th birthday! 
     I wear watches every day not for fashion reasons but for being punctual! There are times when I'm in a big rush or I overslept, when I forget to put it on my wrist, but I feel so naked and incomplete without it! 


     I got my first Daniel Wellington watch  in the early summer and I've been wearing it non-stop. It was Classic Bristol Lady with rose gold hardwear. I prefer leather straps to chain ones, I feel they are more comfortable to wear and don't move on my wrist.
     Last week we ordered the Classic Sheffield Lady with silver hardwear and Classic St Mawes in rose gold. They are so classic and elegant pieces, that look amazing with many outfits. You can also buy extra straps and switch them depending on your mood! I love the idea of having a watch on which you can swap the bands and create a new watch.  

      I am really looking forward to wearing them, so stay tuned for more looks with thes beauties!
    The team from Daniel Wellington were kind enough to make our lovely readers a discount  of 15% for every purchase, by using the '1501chocolatefashioncoffee' code, you can use it until the 28th of February! 

Which watch is your favourite one?

Have a lovely day!
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Present of the time!
Present of the time!
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