What to wear for Final Exams - Part 1


H&M sweater
Zara boots
Zara bag


    It's only the third week of 2015 and I'm already exhausted ! Had a few exams and still have some more, but only two weeks left! Yeah! February is going to be an exciting month for me, so stay tuned for more info!
     As many of our readers are in school or uni we thought to do  'What to wear for Final Exams' posts, so this is the first post from the series!  
    I'm really into my grey's and basic colors (no colors) so that is the structure of my outfit. The garment around which I chose my look was the coat! A cute little piece for winter, late fall and early spring. You can wear such a piece with literally  everything. I ordered it from  YesFor.com, they have a wide range of coats and garments at an affordable price. It's worth taking a look! I chose a grey sweater from H&M and I layered it with a white shirt underneath for a more formal appearance. I put on a darker grey skirt with little lace detail and paired it with black tights and 'riding' boots. Plus a cute bag and I'm ready for my exam (but only with my outfit!).
     When going to a formal event, exam or even a scientific congress it's important to be dressed properly. It's not the place to be sexy or outrageous, stay modest and focus on the exam!
     Hope you found it helpful and stay tuned for the next 'What to wear for Final Exams' post!

Have a lovely day & Good luck with your exams!
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What to wear for Final Exams - Part 1
 What to wear for Final Exams - Part 1
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