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Hello everybody! It's a new year, it's time to write those resolutions! This year has to be different, that is the spirit in which we should start this year. Maybe we will obey those harsh rules we set ourselves , but the most important thing is to know our priorities and our dreams. Maybe not all of us have a straight list of do's and don'ts right? That is why we are taking a trip down memory lane so that we can write our own little resolutions regarding our blog based on your feedback! This is our top 10 most watched posts of 2014 (and of all time!), so let's get started!


The first thing we learned last year, was that we have to celebrate every occasion in our life. Yes, it might sound snobbish, but that's what makes our life worth living and more special. We have to celebrate our successes, we have to enjoy life as it is. It's our life, so we decide what we want to do with it. We can live in a gray world, working 24/7 just to please society or we can take a break and focus on what's most important: on ourselves! 


If we want to make it in fashion industry or if we just simply want to keep up with fashion, we have to invest in events like a fashion show. Of course we are amateurs in blogging world and we are also studying to become doctors, that is why we decided to attend LFWend, an affordable place where we can get in touch with the latest news. I am pretty sure we will have plenty other fashion experiences when we get on our own feet and actually work for the money we spend, but up until than we are really happy with this alternative! Speaking of which, as fashion shows are on in a few months, you can treat yourself and your girlfriends to a fashion weekend in London. Check it out, they already have a designer lined up! 


Another thing we have learned last year, is that family is the most important thing. Of course we need friends with whom we share our meals at lunch break, and go clubbing at nighttime, but when it comes to big life decisions and troubles, family can not be defeated. Yes, it might sound way too cheesy, but this year we have learned this and hopefully in 2015, even though we will be separated for a longer time, we will be there  for each other. 


One word: networking. It's one of the most important things in a blog's life. It's when you are taking your online diary offline, when you get to meet so many people you've been only seeing throughout the screen of your PC. We really hope we will be attending more interesting events like this one, because we think it is really important for bloggers and influential people to meet up and exchange thoughts, and plus it is so much fun! So another resolution for our blog is: attend more events! It will be challenging since we have University, but let's hope for the best! 


Do you remember this post? It was just one of those moments we were really happy and proud to be bloggers. We collaborated with one of the worlds biggest brands, Zara! We remember perfectly the moment when we received our cute little package with the voucher. It's Zara, ohmyyyyygood, Z-A-R-A! So we had to buy matching shoes, obviously. We really hope we will be collaborating with other brands to give you guys the latest news on everything, and hopefully discounts also. Fingers crossed!


Be more creative! We got such a great feedback on this post, that's how we learned we have to be really creative so we can be unique amongst others. It's like the Coco Chanel quote "In order  to be irreplaceable one must be different". So for 2015 we are already planning our monthly special posts! Hope we will be able to stick to this resolution, especially with exam time now in January.


People don't realize how important clothing and accessories are in our life. We are already past that stupid saying that "Clothes don't make the man". It sure does, plus it influences our life so much. We talked about this last time we were on the radio, that different smells, colors and even sounds affect our behaviour and mood more than we think. So for next year, we want to encourage you to wear colors, or if you are a basic kind of gal, than go mad on accessories! Even the sound of an arm party can give you a boost of confidence!


Time. We always feel like time is our worst enemy. We say we don't have time to go to the gym, or we don't have time to visit family, but I think you make time for what you really want in life. It is just a great excuse that everyone uses, just like the huge traffic when we are late. If we want to achieve something in life, we make time for it. As students it is really hard to find time for blogging, but our passion was bigger than our excuses last year, and hopefully it will be even bigger this year, so that we can conquer all the difficulties life throws at us in the next few weeks.


Take a minute to appreciate what you have. In today's society, when we are rushing to reach our goals and building ourselves up in the society, climbing that social ladder, we forget about the most important thing: to enjoy the ride. Just forget about the diet once in a while, dress up in your fave clothes and make time for yourself. 


New relationships. It is important to make new friends and take the time to get to know them. We made so many great friends this year only through blogging, so we really hope we will get to meet a lot of other people and followers of our blogs this upcoming year!

So yes, our New Years Resolution list looks like this:

Celebrate our successes 
Invest in fashion
Be there for each other
Be more creative
Make time for what we want
Appreciate what we have
Meet new people

I am pretty sure many of you can identify in at least one of the resolutions. Don't forget the new year means nothing if you're still in love with your comfort zone! 

Have a wonderful year!
Saci & Kinga

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Top 10 & Resolutions
Top 10 & Resolutions
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