{Orsay skirt, Persunmall top, Matar.ro wedges, Sammydress necklace, Orsay sunnies, Dorothy Perkins bag}

     So, I usually listen to my sister & mum when they tell me something doesn't look that great. But when I am really excited about something, I don't really give a damn. Looking back through the photos, they were right this time: this top doesn't really go with the skirt, because it is made of such a thick material. But I was so happy I found a lovely skirt, that I've been searching for some time, my mind must have been totally disconnected when I tried it on with this top! Anyway, now I don't have anything to wear this lovely skirt with. Cuz you now me, I don't really buy the basics that everyone is so obsessed with nowadays. I should really learn from the masters. 
     But it doesn't really matter if the top matches the skirt, or if others say you walk a bit weird in the shoes, all that matters is how you feel and if you feel very beautiful and confident, trust me, it will show and no one will see the little flaws! 

PS: We received our first Daniel Wellington watch, hope we can surprise you all with a lovely post this weekend! Stay tuned!

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