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If you've been following us on Instagram/Facebook you might have seen that we received some really unique accessories from ReKKo Design.

Rekko design is a fresh new label producing high quality handmade jewellery, inspired by the styles of the 80's and 90's, as well as different cultures. The raw material used is leather combined with upcycled elements. Basic elements of the pieces are geometrical shapes, softened by curvy additions at times. The jewellery is made for women of all ages who like to add an edgy side to their look. All pieces are handmade and are statement pieces, many of them with bold colors. The earrings, necklaces and other accessories can be worn as part of a day outfit or they can become the central piece of any low key outfit for the evening. 
When we first heard about this brand we instantly developed a huge crush for it, because you know us, we really love bold accessories, especially when it comes to necklaces. So we decided to chose a statement necklace and a pair of oversize earrings. We first thought of wearing them to the Digital Divas event, but since only Saci went, and she had difficulties pairing the earrings to her more elegant dresses, we decided to show you them later on, in a special post. Other reasons why we love this brand is because of the great quality leather, the geometrical shapes, and some of the accessories (you can see them on their Facebook page) have such great pastel colors. 

We had the opportunity to meet up with Reka, the designer behind this brand, and we had an amazing time with her, even though we spent only an hour together. We really hope you like her creations, we truly believe these accessories are  special. Of course not anyone can pull off such strong, chunky and big jewelries, but paring it with really simple, comfortable looks, it can give an extra touch to the outfit.

In our next post we are going to show you how to style them both in a simple and an outgoing/daring outfit. Can you guess who chose which style? 

Have an amazing day!
Saci & Kinga
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{ ReKKo design }
{ ReKKo design }
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