{ Blue kimono }



{ H&M kimono, Orsay skirt and shirt, H&M bag, Zara heels, Fossil watch, Persunmall sunnies }

     I've been wanting to share this look with you guys for such a long time! When I bought this kimono, two outfits popped into my head, this one, and one that I will probably not show you on blog, with my blue swimsuit. I really like it that kimonos are in such big trend, because they look so great, gives a simple look a twist, plus it's perfect to hide my body during summertime, when I have to go to beach or swimming. 
     Yes, well I usually hate summer because I cannot bear the high temperatures, so you rarely see me anywhere near the burning sun. Thus my white, literally white legs. But I don't really care, and honestly I don't really like tanned skin. Plus, I could stay out all summer, my skin will never get tanned, because I have such a pale color. A few year ago I spent two weeks on the beach and when I came back, I was as tanned as Kinga is naturally. 
    Anyway, we already told you, August will be such a hectic month for us, we do hope we will have the time to post regularly, at least three times a week, but if not, be sure to follow us on Instagram! On Saturday we are going to Geoagiu Bai, for our annual English Camp, where this year we will be helping out, after that Budapest aaaand England. And two days after I come back I have my Bacteriology exam , and I haven't studied anything. I will soooo fail it! Re-re examination, here I come! :))

Have an amazing week!

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{ Blue kimono }
{ Blue kimono }
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