Baby, you're a firework!



     Budapest, love of my life! Honestly, it is one of our favorite (closest) big capitals. Why? It is full of surprises. We've been in the Hungarian capital a few times, and every single time we got to discover different parts of it, different aspects of living the big city life. Either living in a student boarding school, or just crashing at some relatives, it is a fun place to spend a weekend. 
     We decided to go by car, since we had so much luggage, and it's always fun trying out something new. We hit the road at 4:20 am and by 10-11 am we arrived safe and sound. After unpacking and a hot shower, we grabbed something to eat, and we hit the streets of Budapest. Oh, did I forget to mention, it was the 20th of August? For Hungarians it is sort of a big thing travelling to the capital and celebrating with all others the greatest National Holiday, also called as St. Stephen's Day. 
     We walked around the pedestrian streets/zone, did some shopping (Zara sales and beauty products). I found the perfect silver loafers, and Kinga told me I should wait til we get to England, cuz we will surely find it there. Guess what? Looked in at least 4 Zara's ever since (London, York, Cambridge & Cluj ) and didn't find it in my size! I really need to order them ASAP! Won't leave a link cuz you might just order the last one in my size, haha (#badluckbrian)!
     After some time, we stopped to drink a beer, eat some Italian pizza and waited anxiously for the fireworks (btw, did you know that Katy Perry's song - Firework was filmed in Budapest? Just so you get a sense of what is really like looking at fireworks in the big capital). Unfortunately, we didn't get the perfect view, we ended up between the Chain Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge right in front of a street light, but we arrived exactly at 9 pm, the start of the fireworks. It lasted for half on hour, the longest one we've ever seen! And one of the most spectaculars one also.  Accompanied by traditional and classical Hungarian music and some story telling, everything was in perfect harmony. Of course, there were all sorts of people, and we were a bit unfortunate, and ended up near a really loud family.
     And how about our outfits? We wore more comfortable clothes, because we knew we want to walk and stand more time. Everything was perfect except my huge tote bag, but we really wanted to capture everything, so we carried our camera with both lenses and of course my leather jacket tucked inside my bag.

Have you ever been to Budapest? What did you enjoy the most there? Please do tell us about it, we are really interested!

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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Baby, you're a firework!
Baby, you're a firework!
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