{ C&A A/W 2014-15 }



{ Saci: Orsay dress & sunnies, H&M bag & shoes, Zara necklace
Kinga: Orsay pants, Aggressive shirt, Zara bag, H&M espadrilles, Firmoo glasses, Daniel Wellington watch, Topshop bracelet, rings & earrings }

     We were invited by Emanuel to the C&A event in Bucharest. Since we wanted a last road trip before Uni starts, we decided to go and visit some relatives in the meantime. The event started at 6, so before that we asked out the girls (Julie, Cris & Dorina) to join us for a drink. We talked so much about blogging and fashion, that time passed by really quickly. We had such a great time, hope to see the girls soon! 
     We arrived to the event, where we got to meet a lot of bloggers which we have been following for some time (Evelina & SandraRaluca & Silvia, AlekaDenisaStellaAdinaSimona). Maybe the main reason why we really wanted to attend this event was for socializing and getting to know others. We were so overwhelmed by everyone, we didn't even take pictures with our camera. But luckily enough, there was a photographer who captured every moment of this wonderful event.
     Now let's talk about the A/W collection! There were so many great things. A lot of black, cream & burgundy - just the way we like it! We already have our eyes on some of the pieces, hope we will find them in Cluj! I really need that black hat in my life!! 

Here are some of the photos we took with our Phone! You can follow us on Instagram for more! 

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage2
PicMonkey Collage3

PS: We initially wanted to post about England, but that can wait, right? By the way, what city do you want to read about next: York or Cambridge?

Have an amazing weekend!
Saci & Kinga


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{ C&A A/W 2014-15 }
{ C&A A/W 2014-15 }
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