{ Giant in my heart }


H&M bustier, bag and necklace
Stradivarius earrings & sunnies
Orsay leather skirt
Kittens wedges


     We took these photos some time ago in Alba Iulia, and because we always found other photos to show you, it got delayed. But it's only getting chillier with September, so we thought it's high time we post them, since it's such a summery look (but I can see myself wearing it with a blazer also). I bought this bustier at H&M last year and only wore it once. I hate it when I buy things I can only wear with a few things. But I really wanted to wear it, so I spent one afternoon trying it on with everything, pants, skirts even dresses. This outfit seemed the most decent one, and now looking back, I really love the final result.
     I think the main reason why I like these photos it's because of my hair. Honestly, it was an "impromptu" solution, while I was driving I just asked Kinga to do something with my hair because it was way too hot. And after we got out of the car we realized, that it actually looked good. 
     Anyway, I would like to write you all kind of nice things, and beautiful memories, but bacteriology awaits,  and I must go. Ah, cannot wait to be over with it!

PS: Instead, I leave you with one of my fave songs, which is really inspiring also!

Have an amazing week!

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{ Giant in my heart }
{ Giant in my heart }
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