Blue Floral

Photos thanks to Rob- Dressed To Ill

Outfit Details 

Pants: Cici Hot / Shirt: Target / Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar style) / Necklace: Capwell 
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (love this)

I guess you can say that I am going through a white button down & printed pants combo phase lately.  #sorrynotsorry (There's another one coming tomorrow, yikes!)  I've had these pants for over a month and I did a couple of different looks, but didn't really love any of them.  So, I decided to keep it simple, like I usually do, and just paired them with the button down and my blue shoes.  I think the shoes make the outfit pop out a bit more and I love the blue/white combo.  I wanted to make sure that I wore these floral pants before we really got into the fall season.  By the way, can't believe that fall is officially here!  Only a few more months left of this year.  So crazy! On another note, how beautiful is this location?  Thanks so much to Rob for introducing me to it and for taking my pics!

Happiest of Mondays babes.

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Blue Floral
Blue Floral
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