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{ Kinga: Zara biker jacket, Dorothy Perkins top, Topshop necklace, Zara bag, H&M jeans, Stradivarius shoes, Firmoo glasses, Primark coffee mug
Saci: H&M jeans, Persunmall dress worn as a top, New Look blazer, Primark necklace, Condur by Alexandru shoes, H&M bag, Demmers Teahouse coffee mug }

On Monday, here in Romania, University starts. What does that mean to us, besides endless hours spent in the hospitals and classrooms? Getting together with our best friends, wearing different outfits every day, and let's not forget parties. The first outfits we thought of remind us of those two hours breaks between classes, when all we want to do is just share a coffee/tea with our friends, gossip about every teacher and talk about what we did in the summer break. Because we want to feel as comfortable as possible, we chose to wear jeans and big bags (where we can hide our colorful scrubs and ugly textbooks).


{ Kinga: Bershka blazer, Kurtmann (Pimkie) jeans, Reserved top, Debenhams boots, Zara bag, Firmoo glasses
Saci: Kurtmann (Bershka) blazer, Takko T-shirt, Kenvelo skirt, Zara loafers, H&M necklace, Zara bag }

But let's not forget about the first day back. Most of us just skip the Opening Ceremony, but still, we want to feel a bit more classy, we want to somehow dress up a bit for this new year. This is mostly the one day that we would chose to wear a skirt and a blazer is a must! Let's don't forget that we are still young, we don't want to look like some office workers, so play with colors and prints, and be yourself! 


{ Kinga: Orsay trench coat, Orsay skirt, Zara top, Primark shoes, Zara bag, Local store scarf, Firmoo glasses
Saci: Primark jeans, Kurtmann (Pull&Bear) sweater, Orsay trench coat, Zara shoes }

After meeting up with all our friends and hitting some parties, it's time to study! After all, University is all about studying, we just try to make it more bearable with our friends and some getaways. Every day is a new possibility to learn something new and exciting. Too bad we don't really take advantage of it. Anyway, when we go to classes, there are two things we think of: comfort and a bit of style. A trench coat and a scarf can make a simple outfit look so chic! And don't forget your books guys!

Hope you have a wonderful and stylish start of University!
Saci & Kinga

Special thanks to : 
Zsolt-Zsombor Gyerko (Momentum Photography) for the video &
Julia Papp for the photos
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